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    Here's what a few other members say...

    100% Profit on Postcard Mailing

    I had a 100% profit with my Postcard mailing.  I sent out 1,100 IRA Rollover postcards the first time and got 11 Responses.  Of these I closed 3 for a total of $200,000 in production.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal.  Thanks so much.?  R. Russell Topeka, KS.

    $770,000 Rollover
    Thanks to your 3-Step Postcard System on my first 1500 postcard mailing I wrote the largest annuity of my career.  It was a $770,000 annuity rollover from an IRA distribution.?nbsp; I'm taking your advice and putting 30 percent of my commissions back into direct response marketing using some of your postcards and your lists. My wife and family can't thank you enough.  Thanks for the phone advice...I told another agent friend about you. Tony Cervantes, MI


    Russ, thanks a million
    My wife threatened me to get out and get a real job.  Thanks to your advice; CD list I bought from you and your door approach last week I wrote three annuities for $166,000. Also, this week I've written three small annuities.   Russ your not kidding when you told me to focus in on marketing and being positive is a winning combination. P.S. I've told two of my agent friend in another state about your marketing system.  Anthony Huff Katy TX.

    "Thank You!"

    "I would like to thank you very much for this marketing program.  Thanks to your information I have a better telemarketing program and a much better long-term care presentation!"   - Glen West, Phoenix, AZ

    Two annuities for $440,000

    I just wanted to send you a short thank you about your tax reduction program. Out of the one thousand piece mailer you sent out I got back 15 leads which were okay results. The good part though is that I made 8 appointments, and wrote two annuities for over $440,000 in premium. I would say those are some pretty good numbers for my first week using your program. Needless to say I am ecstatic and I will be ordering more leads every week because these leads are a great door opener and this program works!

    Thanks, Dave Bramwell  Tempe, AZ

    Dear Russ,

    Just a short note to say, how very pleased I am with your system.   The massive amount of information provided is Awesome.   Just Unbelievable Ideas really, and they sure get the old juices flowing.   These Super Sales techniques have blown me away.   I learned so very much, and I am a old insurance veteran.
    These systems are incredible.

    Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed with so much valuable information with your package, it's Almost too much.  Each section provides even more critically needed data, ideas that will assist any working agent achieve any Goal.  

    I only wished I had ordered this system months ago.

    Sincerely Yours
    Joe Campbell,  Tampa Florida

    Your prospecting and client newsletter I send out last month, out of 400 send, I got 14 leads and closed $162,000 in sales to existing clients, plus I'm picking up another $112,000 today in premium.  (by the way the cost of the newsletter was $238.00) best return I ever got. Thanks to your newsletter and postcards those two spokes of marketing double my production.

    Michael E. Smith  Ill.

    "What A Bargain!"

    "Thanks for chatting with me the other day, and for being of service.  When I spoke with you about all these great things you were going to do for me I was concerned that an investment in your 'system' and 'knowledge base' would do very little for me.  I have LOTS of experience and do quite well financially, however I thought, 'what the heck' take a chance what can you lose?  WHAT A BARGAIN!"   - H. Shapiro

    "A Million Thanks"

    Russ, a million thanks for sending me your sales strategies CD's.  It is by far the best, the most comprehensive, and the best quality set of sales materials I have purchase to date.  You provide a great blueprint, a roadmap on how to get into, and thrive in the insurance business.  I still can't believe you sold me this material for such a low price.  I consider what you did for me a huge favor.  I recommend your process to anyone in our business.  Thanks again.  Jeff Baker, Sacramento. CA.

    �I picked up at least three marketing ideas talking to you over the phone that increased my income this year by at least 30 times the cost of your marketing course.  Theresa Busque 


    Your System is the best!

    I've learned more about marketing myself and my products in an hour, reading your report, than I have in the last two years working for a major financial services firm.  I really believe it's like backing up a U-Haul truck and raiding your brain for every secret, technique, concept and sliver of expertise.  If your success relies on marketing, you need to own the "Ultimate Lazy Agent Marketing System." hand-holding, step-by-step shortcut to a six figure income.

    Ted Quinn, Mich.

    I took a combo of your postcards and combined them into one...with a direct response card back to our office.  I then sent out a letter stating our Rep would be in their area and would like to drop off some booklets titled, "10 Mistakes Retirees Make," "10 Things Bankers Don't Want you to Know About CD's," and "10 Mistakes Retirees Make In Estate Planning."

    The next card mailed out is "The Number One Mistake IRA Holders Make On Taxes Causing Them a 50% Tax Penalty."

    The third card headline is, "How To Triple The Value of Your IRA to Your Beneficiaries With The Stroke of A Pen...No Additional Money Needed."

    "It's Great!"

    "It's great to see how well your 'Marketing System' is working for you and your members.  Generating qualified leads for insurance agents has always been a problem.  I highly recommend agents to invest in themselves by investing in your marketing system."   - B. Bishop  Mass.


    "Thank you, thank you, thank you"

    "I have been in business for 47 years, Million Dollar Round Table  for 25 years.  This is the best marketing program I have ever seen. I highly recommend it! You've been great on the phone answering all my marketing questions. For new and established agents it could change your financial life"    - Maurice Betman  CFP, CSA Bloomfield MI.

    Russ, you're a marketing genius!  You're idea about a P&C Agency was amazing!  It's going to double my income over the next 90 days.  Jeff Spainhour, Houston, TX


    Russ Jones
    Insurance Leads and Annuity Leads Marketing Center

     The Worlds #1 Source for Wholesale Insurance Leads!

     Final Expense Leads, Annuity Leads, Investors Leads and Annuity Lead Systems, Medicare Leads, IUL leads,  Insurance Lead Strategies, and Preferred Widow Leads Starting at 29 Cents Per Lead



    Free Report On 197 Marketing Strategies

    Insurance leads, final expense leads and annuity leads
    Virtual Unlimited Insurance
    Plus, we have aged Active Investors who have CD's, IRA's and 401K, Wealth Baby Boomers in your region at a wholesale price. Plus, receive my special reports on "Mother Of-All-Lead Systems" and "How I Sold 2500 Final Expense Plans in 10 Years."

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    "Discover How You Can Start Your Own Final Expense Insurance Lead System and How To Build a  Million Dollar Income Practice in the Next 30 Days Using The Strategies of a 12 Million $$$ Annuity Producer who uses our Lead System As One Spoke of His Marketing Campaign."

    Discover The 7 Idiot-Proof Ways for Lazy Agents To Build Wealth TODAY!

    Plus these FREE INSURANCE LEADS BONUS REPORTS When You Order a Lead Lists:

    • 37 Million $$$ Annuity Weapon Strategies. Worth $97.00
    • Over 100 Annuity and Insurance Marketing Strategies. $127
    • Postcard Millionaire Formula
    • Special report including marketing and sales system we used to write 2500 final expense plans in 10 years.
    •  Client Presentation and Closing System of a Multi-Million Annuity Producer (Priceless in value)

    If you've got 20 minutes a day. I guarantee to work a financial miracle in your life.
    R. J. Jones

    1. Final Expense Leads "$500 a Day Preferred Widow Lead System." We work Preferred widows.  For  agents willing to license with one of our carriers we have NO CHARGED BACKS on advance commissions.  Worth 25% more commissions for you. Plus appointments ranging from $24 down to $10 based on production.
    2. Baby Boomer Millions System. Get access to the wealth Baby Boomers in your area along with our Marketing System.
    3. annuity leads buyers who are active investors in IRA's, CD's and 401K products ...How to become the "King of The IRA's Rollovers in Your Town."
    4. Upper Deck Baby Boomer Leads and System with liquid assets of 250K and incomes of 150K+
    5. HOT!!! Active Investors Preferred Widows...We use 17 different sources and a special software to compile these leads.  These widows are the "GOLD" at the end of the rainbow. We also have a complete Telemarketing divisions that will preset 10 appointments a week for you. You must not be a policy peddler and love widows to work this market. They do control 17 TRILLION $$$ in assets.
    6. Aged Life, Health and auto leads on the internet.  Why pay $8.00-$15.00 Per lead for a lead that has been sold to 3-4 agents the same week.  Only 27% buy within 30 days and rarely does an agent followup. Our leads are 31-85 days old and they're only $1.00 per lead in quantity of 200. Lead System includes script and Special Report! "How One disabled agent wrote over $480k in life premium over the phone." Learn his strategies and do the same.

    Here's  some of the things you'll learn in "The Mother-Of-All Lead Systems:

    • Revealed: The #1 "dirty little secret" how to use leads, pre approach letters, postcards and appointment setting services to help build your income.
    • Discover the "3-step Million $$$ Producers Process" of using a pre approach letter, postcard and follow-up courtesy call" to  consistently get in to see more than 60% of the CD prospects you contact.
    • How to hire an Executive Assistant (qualified telemarketer appointment setter) to book you solid 2-3 appointments a day with CD prospects.
    • Secrets of using a monthly prospect and client  Newsletter to get 3-4 referrals on every appointment.
    • Learn the formula how this top annuity producer increased his annuity production by over 217% in 12 months using a newsletter and a loaf of pumpkin bread.
    • How to use a "Wealth Transfer and Restoration Kit" to open the doors to high net income prospects.
    • How to become your local "IRA Rollover Specialist" and start getting those $5,000-$10,000 commission checks.
    • How to use our appointment setting service to book 10 appointments per week using our lead lists.
    • How to use our wealth transfer lead landing page to get you daily HOT LEADS.

    Areas are limited...Reserve your preferred zip codes TODAY!!

    Hope you have a great life and Always BIGGER Commissions,

    Russ. J. Jones

    "The Lead Junkie"

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    FTC Regulations requires us to inform you that the testimonials of successful agents who use our system is not typical.  Your results are based on your ability to work the system and invest a percentage of your revenue back into your business.

    This is not a get rich scheme for writing millions in new business. As some Internet companies say in their ads and marketing material, prospects will not be kicking your door down to buy annuities, IRA's or other Insurance products. Finally, no one will have a  Red Carpet out on their driveway when you pull up for your appointment.  I wish it was true, but after being in the business for 36+ years it just doesn't happen.


    PLEASE NOTE:  We do not offer any get-rich-quick schemes for agents who are not willing to make an effort to build their business.  If your dead broke our system will not work for you!  I'm sorry to tell you that!  In addition, any claims made by our testimonials will not guarantee you will do the same. Your results may vary based on your area, marketing and sales ability. Our company specialize in building relationships with your clients. Again, please understand your production is based on your ability to work the system.