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I Just Want To Buy Leads and the script, sample pre approach letter and postcard system.
Widow leads are compiled using 17 different sources like TV lead responses that are 30-90-180-360 days
old, aged internet inquires, direct mail, magazine inquires, surveys for financial advice and DMV data
base services to compile.

_______Cost for 250 Preferred Widow leads for final expense and Final Expense marketing system is
$295 $197. Includes Final Expense Marketing System Course.

_______Cost for 1000 Preferred Widow leads is $397 $297 Includes marketing system for selling final expense.
These leads are designed for you to send out 40 pre approach letters a week offering our “Peace-of-Mind Kit”
and driving by in a few days to drop it off. Our best agent friends experience for every 10 drive bys a day we find
6 widows home and average 4 presentations and 1-2 sales. Not bad for an $18 a week investment.
_____ Cost for 2,000 Preferred Widow Leads is $397.00
____ Cost for 250 CD, IRA and Affluent Active Investor is $395 $197. Includes Postcard Millionaire Formula
____ Cost for 1,000 CD, IRA and Affluent Active Investors is $395 $297
____ Cost for 2,000 CD, IRA and Affluent Active Investors is $495 $397.00. This also includes our 197
Marketing Strategies Course. Plus, Baby Boomer Millions Course.
____ If you want to split up the lead types by 50% Investors and 50% widow leads check here _____.
_____ Check here if you want a 30 day test drive of our Client Attraction System Wealth Transfer 6 lead
landing pages, monthly client newsletter and Million Dollar Producers Newsletter for $1.00 then after 30
days the cost would be $37.00 per month.
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Geography I want the following zip codes 1. _________ 2. _________ 3. __________ 4. ____________ 5.
Favorite cities to work ____________________________________________________________________
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To initiate this agreement sign this invoice and return via fax to 800-397-3840 Please refer all questions to the
customer service department at russusa65@gmail.com . Please allow 24-48 hours for response.
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Your Credit Card will not be charged until we have verified that the leads you requested are available and
they have been secured and reserved for you. All sales are final. Fax back to 800-397-3840 or send check to
Sure Fire Marketing Group LLC. Sure Fire Marketing Group LLC. is not responsible for scrubbing leads vs Do Not
Call Lists for Preferred Widow Leads. The client assumes this responsibility if he solicits consumers by phone.
Not responsible for wrong phone numbers. The client is responsible for compliance with state and federal laws.
Sure Fire Marketing LLC. 550 E 100 S, Hyde Park, UT. 84318. Questions call Russ at 435-881-7138. CC
_____________ Order Leads ________ Delivered Leads ___________

We can’t guarantee your success. Everything is based on your sales ability, marketing budget and the area you work. 

All orders are final.  No refund on lists or mailings. You own these lists, not rented Fax back to 1-800-397-3840 for list count or to order. Allow 1-2 days for results or delivery. Lists are emailed to you in Excel Program.

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